Editorial Process


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Submit Manuscript: Authors register for an account and submit their manuscript through the IJPS website

Desk Review: Submission is reviewed to determine if it meets the journal’s requirements

  • Accepted
  • Declined

[If accepted…]

Peer Review: Submission sent to two or more independent peer reviewers

  • Accepted with No Revisions
  • Accepted with Minor Revisions
  • Accepted with Major Revisions
  • Declined but Invited to Resubmit
  • Declined

[If accepted, after revisions…]

Copyediting: Submission is edited for substance and writing

Typesetting: Submission is formatted in an IJPS-style PDF file

Proofreading: Submission is reviewed by IJPS team and authors

Published: Submission is published online immediately


IJPS editing services:

IJPS offers editing services before publication. Using an academic editing service, you will have your manuscript reviewed by a native English speaker and the language polished before publication. Editing services take place after a manuscript has already been accepted for publication. We offer a range of services to help you get your publication ready for the public:

· Our full premium English language editing service to correct any grammatical issues and improve the readability of your manuscript.
· Unlimited re-editing at no additional charge as you move through the proofing stage to publication.

· Formatting to meet the journal's needs, including transforming references to the correct format.

Similarity Checker
·  A free similarity review report to identify language that could be flagged as accidental plagiarism. This also allows us to ensure proper citation, including individual work(s).

Starting Price: