Towards An Effective Security

Leaders Training Policy


  • Mamdooh Abdelmottlep International Police Science Association



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The effective policy for training security leaders centers around a couple of aspects: What we deliver and How we deliver. To answer both questions, we should first:

  1. Define the inputs of the system;
  2. Define the target outcomes; and
  3. Assess the impact on three consecutive processes [define, achieve and develop].

Analyzing the training policies at law enforcement, security and police agencies according to international indicators has proven that the effective policy centers around:

  • Defining the target training outcomes, including defining professional standards and describing the skills required along with measuring the skill gap and implementing target training activities.
  • Building the capacity to achieve training objectives, including knowledge bases for professional standards, establishing a Code for leadership skills, adopting effective standards to determine leadership competencies and characteristics, designing an effective training content that meets contemporary security challenges, and identifying training paths for each specialized professional group in addition to the general leadership training track and qualifying the trainers.
  • Governance of training outcomes, including the development of training policies and procedures, selecting implementation partners for training operations, defining the training programs and activities by leadership level, security competency framework and professional specialization, and establishing a system for feedback and ongoing evaluation and improvement.

To ensure continued he effectiveness of the training policy for security leaders; sustainability, competitiveness, evaluation, rectification and partnership should all be in place.


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