Police Leadership Training

Effective Policies and Methods





police, leadership training, evidence-based methodology, international


Modern security institutions face important issues related to police leadership training and contemporary security challenges. The scope and context of training programs in security institutions must be evaluated to develop effective policies and methods for training security leaders. The International Police Science Association (IPSA) aims to support effective training approaches and other aspects of effective policing by supporting and sharing international scientific efforts in police science.

Author Biography

Mamdooh A. Abdelmottlep, International Police Science Association (IPSA)

Dr. Mamdooh is a former law enforcement officer with extensive professional experience in police training, security education, and international academic cooperation. In addition to founding the International Police Science Association (IPSA), Dr. Mamdooh created the World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI) and Global Police and Security Index (GPSI), which measure the capacity and efficiency of police and security service providers to address internal security issues. Dr. Mamdooh’s work has earned him numerous professional honors, including the 2014 CRIMINOLOGIA.IT, awarded by the United Nations, and the 2016 Distinction Medal, awarded by Sharjah's Ruler, His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Al-Qasimi, for the continuous development of Middle Eastern Police Science and International Security Education. His research focuses on police science, law enforcement, and criminal justice administration.




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